Project Description

The Northern Star Senior High School’s plight as reported by CITI TV ( It is located in Wa in the Upper West Region of the country. The school was established in 2012 by a group of young people to promote secondary education in the region. It was later absorbed by the Government of Ghana in 2016. In the video, the students and teaching staff complained about the shortage of infrastructure that enabled the smooth functioning of the school; and conducive teaching and learning.

A 4 year plan has been developed to solve the challenges of the school.

From their plights, we recognize the impoverish and unsanitary state the essential ecosystems of the boarding school is in.

Unhygienic shared bathrooms and kitchen, unsanitary practices such as sharing school land with a cemetery and grazing animals, overcrowding of their dormitories; may lead to serious health issues for the students. Generally, the conditions of the school does not allow for the smooth running of basic teaching and learning.

HuC, with support from its donor partners envisions to create that conducive environment that will elevate the general image of the school with good facilities and amenities; and the wellbeing of students and teachers to foster quality teaching and learning.